Why do you have so much selfies if you can’t make a timelapse movie from them?

Do you like selfies?

Do you want to see how your face has been changed during some period? Have you ever wish to make a really fun and viral movie timelapse of your selfies for your Youtube channel? May be you want see how you’ve grown and changed from your childhood from year to year? Or your parents? Or your favorite super star like Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber? Perhaps you want to see how your face has been changed from very happy to very sad when your vacation is over?

There is nothing easier now with BearFace For Selfies. This app crops a face from any photo so that to join these pictures into one timelapse line in one movie. There is no any difference how you’re going to do it. You can take a picture in the app from day to day and in the end of some period you’ll complete the pictures in the event as a timelapse movie (the app has a convenient widget for your home screen to fast taking a picture without opening the app). You can choose a photo one by one and they will be added in a one time line. Lastly, you can import a whole folder with photos on your device — it will save your effort!
In any way, it’s really easy to make timelapse movie from your selfies now!

Following are the steps how to make a timelapse movie from your selfies
1. Create an event which is dedicated to specific topic («My selfies», «My child is growing»)
2. Add a photo by using one of existing methods to do it: using a camera, adding single photo in event or importing a whole folder on your phone.
3. Remove photos that are not appropriate for selected event.
4. Open a screen to make a movie. Specify settings of your movie: framerate, etc.
5. Tap on the button «Make video» and wait until all operations will be done. *

If you’d like to take selfie everyday, you can add a widget on your homescreen for certain event. When you open it, the camera will be opened on your phone and after you capture a photo it will be added into that event.

* You can see a progress of each operation in notification in the status bar of your phone.
** Note that the picture must have approximately the same foreshortening. Try to make a picture with the same distance. It also would be better if you place your face approximately in the center of a frame. It’s not neccessary, but it will increase a percent of successfully imported photos into the app.
*** If you’re going to use the app for a long period, it would be better to you to use Dropbox synchronization that is implemented in the BearFace For Selfies. It’s also very useful if your’re going to use several devices with the same Dropbox account.

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